Welcome to the first blog for Guardians of the Trails.  Most of you probably have a dog.  A much smaller group will have a pair of pups, and that group will agree the complexity increases a great deal with the addition of another dog.

Three dogs was, for me, surprisingly different.  Three dogs develop their own society, their pack, so their human lives in an intersection of their society and ours. To make it more interesting, their world is predominantly represented by smells that are undetectable to us. And theirs is a society where pack bonding, the licking of each other’s faces with sloppy, slurping noises, is a fundamental event every day.

“I’m sorry I growled at you today.”

” No worries.  I love you and I’m glad you’re here.”

We hope to shed some light on the trials and tribulations of living with a pack.

The Guardians are fortunate to live in one of the most wild and beautiful areas in the country, where the high, dry desert of Central Oregon meets the Cascade Mountains.  The area features many hundreds of miles of scenic wilderness trails.

We hope these photographic stories excite the readers about how important and fragile our wilderness ecology is.