Dogs Are Family Too

There was a recent TV ad in which the lady said her dog was, “family”.  It occurred to me that the term, “family” applied to a dog or other pet probably differentiates the Dog People from the Non Dog People.  If you’re reading this and have a non-canine pet I suspect the same principles apply.

There are those of us who look at our dogs like teenagers who deeply love us and who want to be with us all the time. Heh. While we may not encourage a sudden, wet, sloppy tongue in our faces, it’s occurrence doesn’t send us to Urgent Care.

Non Dog People left this discussion long ago.

So, welcome aboard.  This website is all about dogs and people who think dogs are nature’s greatest gift to man.  We hope the kids will be so interested in the story they won’t even realize they’re learning about the animals and environments in our forests and wilderness.

We’re trying to finish publishing in two weeks.  Stay tuned.