Best laid plans…..

Blog May 12, 2018


Best Laid Plans


Well, the” short cartoon” I planned for my blog mushroomed into a full story. I believe the wait will be worth it, though.

Now I wanted to comment on something else. I plan on making an effort to make kids really aware of the fascinating canine abilities.

Dogs are really different. As you read this you’re using your eyes, the dominant sense for humans. Not so for dogs. For them it’s their noses, and it results in some interesting abilities.

Smell is a dog’s dominant sense. It gives them a,” 3-D” sense of time looking backwards. They can tell not only who visited that large tree trunk but how long ago it happened. It would be like us being able to watch what happened yesterday.

My first standard, a wonderful blue, was a sight-hunter with a lousy nose when we were running trails. I thought maybe poodles, being raised as duck retrievers, had been bred for sight over smell. However, I found that Bella has a fair nose, and Peaches is even better.

But Crazy Lil’ is the champion, hands down. She can smell a potato chip a half a mile away.

On the story front, progress is being made on the publishing. Stay tuned, and be careful of ticks this time of year when you’re out in the fields with your dogs. They’re going to be very bad. I’m going to be trying some herbal tick repellents that are totally non-toxic over the next month or two. I’ll let you know how it works.

Till then.