The Passing of the Torch

February 27, 2019

I have to start by telling you that this will be the last time I write the blog. Crazy Lil has informed me I’m too dull, and the Guardians will take it over from now on.

From the dull category, today we’re thankful that we can now fill orders for the softcover books and e-books. Please be aware that due to the size of the stories (six stories, 152 pages with over 300 color photos) the eBook is a very large file.

The Guardians recently released a two-year calendar, 2019 in 2020, and it’s now available on the website. I think you love the larger photos, many of which are from yet unpublished stories I think your kids will agree the photos are pretty exciting.

There’s been interest in having an author’s reading in preschools, Headstart, daycare and elementary schools, so we will be offering a free author reading, with or without the Guardians. If you’re interested send us an email.

Check out the website video from local TV and see the Guardians off duty.

Thanks for reading. Good luck next issue with Crazy Lil and the Guardians in control.